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Ideate – Successful Collaborative Innovation @ Wipro

Recently I met Dinesh Veerula who is a Delivery Manager with Wipro’s BFSI vertical in Hyderabad, India. His expertise is in Financial industry operations outsourcing. The industry he serves is very demanding with strict SLA goals around operations improvement and cost per trade reductions.

To meet these demanding SLA requirements, his team has to continuously innovate and improve data center operations. And he achieves this through a collaborative innovation process that he setup called “Ideate”.

Dinesh has about 150+ people reporting to him in 7 different locations across the world (in India, US, Europe & Singapore). The international locations and the size of his organization make it difficult for him to have a coordinated innovation effort. In this situation many managers resort to top-down innovation (i.e. leaders innovate and everyone else executes). more